game cycle mobile money block
game cycle money block

Maximise your portfolio's value_

Your trading decisions (buying or selling) and those of your opponents will cause prices to fluctuate up or down at the end of each round.

It’s up to you to invest in the right cryptocurrencies at the right time. But beware, prices can ride a roller coaster! Just like the value of your portfolio… 😉

Keep a cool head in the wake of market crash, the final victory depends on it.


participate in the validation
of blocks_

Allocate wisely your energy and computer resources (CPU) to validate the blocks and obtain additional rewards in cryptocurrency tokens.

The more blocks you validate, the more you maximise your chances of victory.

Will you be able to keep enough reserves for a rainy day?

outplay your opponents

Play the right card at the right time to surprise the other players!

Get inside your opponent’s head and implement new strategies each round.

Stay anonymous (Satoshi style) 🙂