A new world opens up to gamers
let's explore_

Unleash your TRADING SKILLS_

You hold and manage a fictitious portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Let’s play!

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time to increase the value of your portfolio.

Participate in the validation of blocks to be rewarded in cryptocurrency token for your mining efforts.

Thanks to your cards, thwart your opponents’ strategies.

winners take all_

Play against up to 5 players online or around the board game.

Thanks to cross-play, join all your friends and play with them on PC/Mac, tablet or mobile phone.

You have less than 30 minutes to win.

Creativity is your best ally!


Discover the elements of the game_

The board game

Each path of transparent cubes represents a blockchain. Each blockchain corresponds to a cryptocurrency. The transactions are validated within the blocks.

the portfolio

Carry out your transactions (buy and/or sell) on 6 cryptocurrencies of different colors. View the price of each crypto and track the evolution of your portfolio.

the resources

Allocate energy and computing power (CPU) tokens to validate blocks. Using wisely resources is a good way to get new tokens.

The prices

A homemade algorithm computes the new prices of each cryptocurrencies taking into account all the actions of the players. Beware of overconfidence, a crash can always happen!

The cards

More than 40 different cards using the lexicon of crypto and blockchain. Each card can surprise your opponents.

meet the team_

Our team explores the game with curiosity and creativity in the heart of Toulouse in the south of France. Our ambition is to share with as many people as possible a new universe through a playful, competitive and educational experience.

The idea of the game comes from the combination of two elements: a deep affinity for strategy games and the ambition to make more concrete the blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts.

Thomas Foicik

Game designer

Nicolas Delqué


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