An independent cryptocurrency and blockchain game




About Money Block

We're proud to introduce Money Block: an independent, competitive and strategic game for 2-6 players about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Money Block puts yourself in the shoes of a crypto-trader, living a rollercoaster of emotional experiences, from euphoria to capitulation.


By playing Money Block, you will explore the crypto-space, discover the main features and the lexicon of the blockchain applied to crypto. 

Money Block is a hybrid game, meaning you can play it as a board game and/or as an app on your smartphone.

Want to play Money Block in your pocket? Download the app for iOS or Android and connect with players all around the world

Want to play Money Block with your friends around the table? Get the board game and download the app


Recents developments

16 Jan 2020 - The year starts with a great news! Money Block is one of the projects selected by The Starter, an incubator located in Toulouse. The Starter will help us to grow and develop the game.


28 Nov 2019 - The funding campaign will soon be launched...​stay tuned. Find out more

20 Nov 2019 - ​The website is online


Preliminary works on the game

November 2018

Game design, rule book writing and intellectual property

January - April 2019

Board game conception and first version of the software 

April - May 2019

Testing the game with family, friends, etc.

Since May 2019

Crowdfunding campaign 

Q1 2020

Beta launch/ Release

S1 2020